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What’s Mined is Mine

The periodic table – The quintessential reference for physicists, also where you sat for Thanksgiving until you were twelve. One of the best ideas put into No Man’s Sky, is the many resources you can mine on the near infinite number of worlds you can pillage. This is recorded and referenced by a periodic table, although it is not the ‘real’ one.

As Hello Games lead, Sean Murray said to IGN, they did not use the real periodic table because they were afraid players might learn something. We appreciate your commitment to a learning free game Sean. Got to maintain the fantasy!

Mix and Match

The reason for organizing resources this way in NMS is that, similar to Minecraft, we will be able to combine resources in hundreds of ways to make “Products”. The game gives you no recipe book though. I imagine once the game is out for a week there will be an explosion of resource guides online via wiki and blog posts. This is important because certain combinations of resources are said to be of much higher value on the trade market than others. This could potentially mean a lot of units for the industrious among us. Some products of course will go back into your own equipment. Fuel and alloys to keep your ship in shape and perhaps some products might lead to upgrades for your weapon. This brings up another important point.

Shoot to mine

You mine with your weapon. It has been revealed in footage of the game that your basic gun is unable to mine every resource you find. You’re going to need those weapon upgrades if you want to obtain the increasingly rare resources and thus, make the higher value products. So let us review – you mine resources, sell on a trade market with the rest of the universe, purchase new equipment that you intern mine more resources that you combine to make product you then sell one the market for a price based on market value. This sounds a lot like running a business doesn’t it? Producing, manufacturing, buying and selling? Economics? Sounds like we might just learn something after all.

Sorry Sean…

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