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A Universe of Players? Or Galaxies of Trolls?

We have waited a long, long time for No Man’s Sky to be here. Launch day will certainly go down in the history books as the day that true science fiction returns to video games. No big shop formulas here. The game was created seemingly to contrast the big developer’s idea of what people like to play and what sells more units. This is a concept that may yet carve out a new genre of game for everyone tired of the current FPS and MMOG.

There are familiar aspects though. Resource collecting, economy, upgrades etc. It’s been suggested that No Man’s Sky is little more than a space game with Minecraft roots. Perhaps – but for those who enjoy a game for more than it’s mechanics, there is certainly something to be said for the art direction. The game looks like it was ripped from the pages of a 1970s science fiction comic book. The soundtrack has that late twentieth century electronica vibe. For older players, it might stir something more powerful than novelty… Nostalgia.


So what kind of players will day one bring? There is an enigmatic goal of reaching the center of the galaxy so there will be a large group of players after the title of first to reach it. Let’s call this the hardcore group. These are the players that might skip story dialogue, exploit the game’s mechanics to get further faster and not stop to smell the alien flowers. These players will know the game’s every loop-hole and resource gain. They will be the first to post their tactics on Facebook and sadly the first to be bored with the game.


The next group is almost the other side of the coin entirely. True role players, they are going to immerse themselves in the game as explorers, pirates, traders and whatever else we can be in No Man’s Sky. They will still quest to the center of the galaxy however, but at a pace that drinks in all the game has to offer a true adventurer. We’ll call this group the role-players.

I’m A Troll

Lastly there are the trolls. Casual players who will be the first to name a planet Shit-opia-pants or something far more offensive than that. These players dó enjoy the game but take pleasure in ruining it for others. These will be raiders waiting to ambush you at the nearest space station. Sure there is speculation of how a PVP encounter would play out but Hello Games hasn’t ruled out that someone can shoot you down and take your loot several times over. Only time will tell. Until then, we can ask ourselves, what sort of player we will be?

See you Joon.

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Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks
Managing Editor at the Galactic Observer
Ryan is a veteran from the advertising set. An art director and writer from Toronto, Canada, Ryan has been a science fiction aficionado since 1977 when his father took him to see a little known space opera called Star Wars. Gaming is a passion shared by his wife and three year old son. For Ryan, a good story is one of the most important aspects of the games he plays. Especially if you get to create the story yourself.
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