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Traveling Light

Hyperspace – A state of traveling at speeds faster than light, or that room you send the kids to when they’ve had too much Halloween candy. For most of us though, hyperspace travel is the stuff of science fiction, and justly so.

The current theory behind crossing vast distances in this way brings consequences. For example, a trip to the nearest neighbouring galaxy would mean that when you got back, several generations of loved ones would have died and left you with nothing but spending the holidays with strangers. That cell phone number you had when you left has surely been given to someone else and your PS4 has been replaced with a PS44. For most of us however, hyperspace is most happily experienced in the comfort of our living rooms. Movies and video games have brought us to galaxies far, far away and going where no one has gone before. Imagination is the building material that takes us to other worlds, and we will have plenty of those in No Man’s Sky.

A Bigger Boat

In NMS, you start off with a basic ship capable of limited interstellar travel. Whatever system you start your adventure, you will find a means to upgrade your ship and, perhaps, purchase an entirely new ship with far better capabilities. This does raise a question though. What kind of ship will you need to reach the centre of the galaxy? Is there a top-tier hyperdrive that will be able to take you to any point in the universe? Does your ship’s engine deteriorate over time requiring repair? It’s been said that special fuel will be required to travel in hyperspace. So time will need to be spent acquiring this fuel from system to system. This is a good thing. This will require players to explore if only to gather resources for travel. However, do you really want to arrive at the centre of the universe without the most advanced gear you can have? You’re going to need a bigger boat and be armed to the teeth. The closer you get to the goal, the tougher the journey is likely to get. Remember, the Millennium Falcon would have never made the Kessel Run in less than twelve parsecs if it wasn’t “heavily modified”. I wouldn’t get too attached to your first ride.

See you joon.

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Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks
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