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The Way of the Gun

There are a lot of FPS games out there. Some better than others. One of the key factors of a good first person shooter is the fidelity of the actual gun play. Does it feel like you are firing a weapon?
Is there a sense that the ammunition is hitting the target or the environment. Games like Destiny and Call of Duty do this very well. You can feel the recoil of a shotgun. The tension of looking down the scope of a sniper rifle. There is no mistaking when you’ve hit your target. 

In No Man’s Sky there is a refreshing change to gun play, and some curiosities. We can start by acknowledging that No Man’s Sky is not an actual FPS. Not by a long shot (do you see what I did there?). You are not handed an arsenal of different weapons to choose from. Instead, you have a single multi-tool that you upgrade and change on the fly for different tasks. One of those will be to defend yourself.

The Shooting

You use your multi-tool when on the surface of a planet. You can use it to mine resources, blast a hole through a mountain or instill terror in the local wild life. It’s this aspect that has brought up a curious question. When watching the footage, we’ve seen Sean Murray take down some sentinels, a few boulders and some sort of space goat. While watching this, something caught my eye. When firing your weapon, the blast doesn’t seem to make solid contact with moving targets. We can see the beam travel to the target but perhaps the impact of the shot is not overtly represented onscreen as it would in other games. I mean to say the goat just seemed to fall over. I could see if there was visible damage but should there be? Is this aspect of the game more or less finished or are we seeing an intentional example of style in the game? I for one do not need to see space goat guts flying around but the gun play did lack a certain satisfaction from seeing your blaster leave a mark.

What do you think? Please leave your comments about what you think about the gun play we’ve seen so far in No Man’s Sky.

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Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks
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