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The Instinct Calls

To say that No Man’s Sky has just a slight bit of hype surrounding it would be somewhat of an understatement. Especially now that we officially have a release window, the hype train got a new set of wheels and is back on the track with destination in sight. But why? Hundreds of games are released each year. Why are people so excited for this game in particular? I have one theory in mind.

Natural Wonder

I wonder what’s on the other side of that door? I wonder where that road leads? I wonder what’s over that hill? I wonder if there’s life on other planets? These are questions I would guess most people have asked at one time or another. Our wonder begins as a child and only grows larger as we…well, grow larger. We are naturally curious beings who want to discover, who want to find and see things that amaze us. We want to know the unknown. It’s in our instinct and it keeps on calling us. This is no different in video games. And since I assume most of us don’t have the ability to just travel the world at will, games are one of the few ways we truly have to fulfill that natural sense of wonder.

Natural Wander

So when we DO get that opportunity to finally fulfill that wonder, we run to it…or at least walk briskly depending on your cardio level. My point being, all along Sean Murray and Hello Games have used one word more than any other while describing their masterpiece: explore. That resonates with us at our core. But there are a plethora of other games, such as Skyrim or GTA V, that are good for exploring so what’s so different here? The near infinite area we will have to explore, coupled with the fact that we will be the first if not only ones to see most of what we discover is unprecedented. The potential of No Man’s Sky, more so than any other game that comes to mind, is calling to us at a primal level. That, and it’s a badass laser shooting, spaceship flying, pirate fighting science-fiction adventure with a gorgeous art style and music you can get lost in. So when I see that door, that portal, that hill, that planet, and I wonder what’s on the other side- I plan on fulfilling that wonder, and wander.

I suspect you will too.

Godspeed fellow Nomanauts.

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Chris Bobb
Chris Bobb
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  • Cobra Smith

    great article man!!!

    • Chris Bobb

      Thanks Cobra!

  • Tenebris Spiritus

    I’m looking forward to this game, but I think you’re hyping yourself up in a couple of misleading ways here. First, we don’t know if there is life somewhere else in our universe (yet, but through spectroscopic and other forms of analysis of exoplanets we might find some any second now) but we know there is a ton of life in the NMS universe. Sure, you won’t know if a particular planet has life until you go there, but it’s not the same level of mystery. Secondly, if there is life elsewhere in our universe it could take forms that would not only surprise us but completely blow our minds regarding the very nature of life. We haven’t seen all of the templates in No Man’s Sky, but ultimately they are what define the limits of the creatures we’ll see in the game, and after playing for a while (hopefully a long while) you will see patterns and learn what sort of things you are not going to find in the NMS universe, and what sort of things are all too comon. Not trying to burst your bubble, just sharing how I’ve managed my expectations.

    • Chris Bobb

      No worries, no bubbles bursted here. My personal hype isn’t built so strongly on what life I might come across. Although that is one aspect of discovery I’m looking forward to, it isn’t the end all be all of my excitement. Skyrim is the game I’ve put more hours into than any other mainly due to exploration and I knew exactly what life to expect in that game.