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That’s No Supermoon…

Well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, we finally have our first full taste of a 65daysofstatic song that will officially be on the soundtrack for No Man’s Sky. This first (and only?) single is titled “Supermoon” and comes in at just under four and a half minutes. You can listen to it below. Go ahead…I’ll wait…

Done?…. Good.

I love it. But then again I’ve been a fan of the Post-Rock genre for a long time now. I can understand how some people wouldn’t really care to listen to this style of instrumental music. We each have our own tastes for sure. Those of you here reading this article however, while you may not rush out and buy the soundtrack yourself; I suggest you at least have an appreciation for what 65daysofstatic has done.


Music for an Infinite Gaming Session

What they have done over the past two odd years is create, alongside Hello Games, two full “albums” of music and sounds for this amazing game we are all so patiently awaiting. I say albums in quotations because Album One: Music for an Infinite Universe is very much so their next studio album. While Album Two: Soundscapes is what I believe to be much more of a collection of ambient sounds, noises, and the like. How will these albums come together to form what you actually hear in game while traveling the stars? As stated on their website 65daysofstatic.com, “…the idea was to create an audio engine that also generated unique instances of music, albeit from a central library of sounds. 65daysofstatic sounds.” That sounds pretty badass. Complicated, but badass.


No Power in the Verse Can Stop Their Music

In one of my previous articles entitled Music: The Mood Maker, I talked about how I thought the collaboration between 65days and Sean Murray would be a match made in Heaven. After listening to their previous albums, but most importantly, after hearing the “Supermoon” track, there isn’t a doubt in my mind that I will absolutely love the music accompanying me as I fly through the infinite cosmos trying to find my way and make my mark among the stars.

Music for an Infinite Universe and Soundscapes drop on June 17th and can be pre-ordered now via 65daysofstatic.com.


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