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TGO is recruiting

Howdy space travellers, we need your help. The Galactic Observer is looking for No Man’s Sky enthusiasts with a passion to write. We’re recruiting people with an urge to voice their opinion about the game, a desire to plow through new information and elaborate on it all. We’re looking to expand our team of writers…

Current plans for the future

As of this moment, the website covers news about No Man’s Sky, we write short stories in the game’s universe and we publish columns by our editors. Mostly everyone’s free to write about whatever they want, as long as it concerns the game. But, we’d like to do more. As time progresses and more info about the game is being released, The Galactic Observer isn’t just a blog anymore, it’ll also be the go-to website for guides, tools, and patch notes etcetera. Also, we’d like to expansively cover the player’s community and everything involved. We’ll publish amazing machinima, fan short stories, Q&A sessions, fan art, you name it!

How you’d fit in

The aforementioned plans do require an expansion of our current, amazing team of writers and contributors. So should you, after reading the rest of this article, be feeling the need to join us, please do so by clicking here and follow the instructions on the page.

Before you click, please know and fully understand that you’ll need proper writing skills, good knowledge of the English language in writing and a pleasant to read writing style. Also, you’ll need to write an article containing between 200-300 words (we won’t get mad if it’s a tad more, but 200 is a bare minimum) as you’ll be judged by our established writers before you’ll be able to join.

Thanks in advance and we’re looking forward to have you on our team!

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Dennis Klaster
Dennis Klaster
Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief at The Galactic Observer
Dennis is one of the two founders of the website and has a strong passion for (online) gaming, webdesign, watching lot of different tv-series, his lovely daughter and loads of other stuff. He goes normally by the nickname of Reznar, which is his most played World of Warcraft character ;)

Lives in a small town in the Netherlands with his girlfriend and daughter and likes heavy metal. And italian food :)
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