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Some tips playing No Man’s Sky

There are a lot of tips going around on the interwebs for playing No Man’s Sky. We looked around and picked out the best ones and added some of our own.

Animals can poop something useful
That’s right, some animals can be fed minerals that can be found all around them. Some times they poop great resources or take you to some place with more minerals. Get close enough and you’ll see a pop-up that gives you the option of feeding said animal some resource or another.

You have a flashlight
Yeah you have a flashlight on your multi-tool. Works in dark caves and underwater. Press up on the D-pad to activate.

Learning a language
There are faster ways to learning an alien language. You can ask NPC’s to help you by giving them Carbon. Every second to third question you can choose to learn a new word. When that option is not there ask them for fuel. They give you some carbon so you can talk to them again.

Your ship can hold more than you think
Single resource tiles in your ship have a much greater capacity than tiles in your Exosuit inventory. A single Exosuit tile can hold up to 250 of a specific resource, a ship tiles can store 500. so try storing more in your ship. Just remember you have to be close to your ship to transfer the items.

Gear and ship upgrades stack
Your ship, suit and multi-tool can stack upgrades. For example you might have two different Warp Drive upgrades, with one providing a +1 bonus and the other providing a +2. Which means crafting both Warp Drive upgrades from the example gives you a greater benefit than just crafting the better one.

Visit the Discoveries page frequently
The Discoveries page is located in the pause menu. Next to each listing you’ll see a colored mark, either red or green. From this menu, you can rename anything you find and upload your findings to the master No Man’s Sky database. Each upload gets you some currency, and those numbers add up quickly.

You can run
Yeah, so some people didn’t find this out yet, you can run by pressing R3 on your PS4 controller.


Have some more tips we should add? Let us know in the comments below!


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