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Some Confirmed Features

While scouring the internet, looking for all things No Man’s Sky, I found out a few things about this game I hadn’t seen and didn’t know before. Before I knew it, I’d written down enough to fill an entire article and here you are, reading it right now. Since most of these features found are already confirmed, I’ll post them along with relevant sources or pages I found them on, although most information acquired is due to the help received from the almighty community on Reddit.

Let’s elaborate

Here are fifteen features I found most interesting and might have been unknown to most of you:

  • No Man’s Sky is confirmed on the PC and PS4, although lately there are rumors about problems with the PS4 port of the game.
  • You start with a life pod absent a hyperdrive. So you’ll have to get money to buy a better ship before you can really begin exploring the universe. – The Verge
  • Almost everything in the game is procedurally generated. Ships, plants, animals and of course all of the suns and planets. It’s still probable to find the same creature on different plantes but only in appearance and not in name. – Edge
  • There is no save option, but the game will save your place in space with everything you achieved. Also wen you die in some cases you have to rebuild what you lost. – Rock, Paper, Shotgun
  • If you die on the ground you will respawn at your ship, but lose everything you were carrying. – Gamemaster
  • Shops have ratings that determine the general quality of goods they can sell.
  • Suits and weapons can only be upgraded at trading posts on planets. – The Sixth Axis
  • At the moment, there aren’t any (humanoid) NPC’s. They (Hello Games) don’t feel it would add too much. – Game Informer
  • Upgrades can include you to breathe underwater for longer, or survive in toxic environments. – Edge
  • Fuel will be really expensive, and is used to travel from one solar system to the next, like a hyper jump. – The Sixth Axis
  • After a while wear and tear will be visible on your ship, helping you to form an emotional attachment to your beaten-up old ships. – Edge
  • You will be able to see other players, but can only see a few at a time. So if a lot of people gathered in the same place you wont see all of them. – Gameinformer
  • Your friends will show up on the galaxial map. – Gameinformer
  • There will be ancient artifacts for you to find which could reveal the secrets of the universe. – No Man’s Sky
  • There will be an antagonist of sorts: the Malevolent Force. – Edge

I hope this sparks your interest in No Man’s Sky even more. What are features you would like to see in the game? Let us know in the comments down below.


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