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Rumors of upcoming release are getting persistent, but does it make sense?

Lately rumors about No Man’s Sky’s (imminent) release continue to pop up all over the web. You may all have a friend, a neighbour or a hippie-grandfather who knows someone who has a brother and he read something on a website in Korean and knows exactly when No Man’s Sky will come out. Throw in a given Amazon product shipping date and it only adds fuel to the fire.

Twitter sources

Then a fan with Twitter account @TheNoMansSky says he has a very reliable source telling him that the official website will be updated “very soon… to be ready for release day.” I would think that the very few employees Hello Games currently have employed, would never tell someone anything big like this and this doesn’t have to be taken very seriously.

We all want to play!

The hype online is growing every day that NMS could release as soon as October 27th, and such ‘news’ always leads to people blowing up everything they read and making incorrect assumptions. Given the fact that Sony recently published a list of games that it plans to demonstrate during the upcoming Paris Games Week press conference next week, No Man’s Sky is most certainly not on that list. There were talks of the game being demonstrated anyway though, regardless of it being on that list or not.

Are they wrong? Are the sceptics, who say it won’t be released untill well into 2016 wrong? Time will tell, but do tell us what you think down below!

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