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RUMOR ALERT! No Man’s Sky delayed?!

The latest rumor related to No Man’s Sky is not a happy one at all. Everyone at the Galactic Observer is in a state of disbelief. Some have pondered if life continues to make sense after this, or at least that’s what seems to be happening if you pay attention to social media.

The original rumor report

Kotaku released an article on their website stating that, according to unnamed sources, the game has been pushed back from its expected June release to at least July or August as employees from GameStop were instructed to cover all mentions of the game’s release date.

The publication also says that neither Sony nor Hello Games commented on this rumor.

The facts

With the rumor being in full force for the entire day it’s also good to keep in mind what facts we actually have:

  • No statement has been released by either Hello Games nor Sony about this rumor
  • No Man’s Sky official website has the June release dates still available
  • Steam still provides the original release dates on their client
  • The sources from Kotaku weren’t named nor any more confirmations given
  • The game is scheduled for release in 3 weeks, so a delay so close to release time would be potentially damaging

What to expect

No communication from Hello Games so long after the original article has been made public can mean a lot, or nothing at all. Hello Games might not want to acknowledge this article but social media has been buzzing all day so it may only be a matter of time before an official statement is released.

Kotaku took a big risk with this article. If it turns out to be true it gains a lot of credibility in the future, but if not, it may be a disaster for them.

In the end, all we want is to play the most perfect version of the game as possible. The sooner the better. We remain vigilant, waiting for more news on this rumour and that all parties involved quit playing games with our hearts!

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Luis Pereira
Luis Pereira
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