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The Odessa Project

You might have heard about the Korvax. As you may know we are quite famous around this galaxy. We are a peaceful race that has dedicated its existence to science. We are against violence and condemn anyone who would hurt another being. We believe that with the power of technology we can create an utopia for [...]

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  • Lonely Traveler, First Contact

First Contact

The time has come once again. It’s a Friday night. To most that might mean going to a movie, going out with friends, or staying up to binge watch that show you’ve fallen behind on via Netflix. To me it means I get to continue my journey, continue my exploration of this never ending universe [...]

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  • I've seen things...

I’ve seen things…

I set the ship down in what I thought was a hospitable spot. New world – new things to kill me. If Saval thinks he was getting any less than 500 units for this he was out of his mind. The terrain was rocky and littered with sand dunes. There was something different about this planet. Every [...]

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