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Rocket Man

It’s been a long eight months. You have taken the king, explored every vault and Mother Base has never looked better. It’s June. There is a spark in the air and a sense that the wait is over. With the launch happening in a matter of minutes, you feel you should prepare.

A plethora of snacks sits on the side table. A pot of coffee is brewing and soda is properly chilling in the fridge. This should be enough sustenance to at least explore your first solar system. Or will it? Where will you go? What will you do first when you launch No Man’s Sky for the first time?

What Now?

With so much of NMS still unknown and features yet to be added, we can only speculate as to what the future of space exploration holds. What we do know is you start with the most basic ship, a simple multi-tool and no map. There may be an opening narrative to get you on your way but you have little more than the task of survival when you leave the station. It has however been stated that there is “something” at there center of the universe. With a carrot like that, how could one resist following such a mystery? One thing is for certain. The center of the universe is far out of reach with your sub par equipment. Time to find a planet to survey for resources. Skilled pilots may opt to raid some space freighters, starting their careers as pirates. Most will touch down on an alien planet and start exploiting it’s resources. Either way, the adventure has definitely begun and sky is now yours. You are the rocket man.

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Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks
Managing Editor at the Galactic Observer
Ryan is a veteran from the advertising set. An art director and writer from Toronto, Canada, Ryan has been a science fiction aficionado since 1977 when his father took him to see a little known space opera called Star Wars. Gaming is a passion shared by his wife and three year old son. For Ryan, a good story is one of the most important aspects of the games he plays. Especially if you get to create the story yourself.
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