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Release Date “Rumor”

So we have a pretty strong “rumor” as to the official release date of No Man’s Sky. I use that word in quotation marks because the source of said “rumor” doesn’t state it as such. They state the release date as if it is a known fact. Now we’ve had rumors about the true date spring up here and there on the interwebs from time to time, but those usually come to us via Joe Crazypants or Susie Neverheardofher. This time however, it’s a little different.

A Source Is A Source Of Course of Course

This current information (which was actually posted online January 8th, 2016) comes to us from the Game Scoop! Show, which is through the IGN channel on YouTube. Check it out for yourself here . The guys start talking about No Man’s Sky just after the 39:00 mark. You’ll see for yourself they clearly state twice that the release date is on June 21st.

The Pieces Fit

For me personally this makes sense when we look at all we know. We know the game is coming out in June. If we assume that like 95% of all games it comes out on a Tuesday that leaves us with the 7th, 14th, 21st, and the 28th. We know E3 this year takes place on June 14th-16th. It would make sense that Sean and Sony would want to wait until after E3 to release the game so they’re able to show us another video and build up interest again shortly before the actual date. Knowing all of that and the fact that this “rumor” comes to us via IGN I would say we have a pretty damn strong case on our hands. My guess is they will officially announce the release date during E3. If my guesses are accurate…see you kids at E3!

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