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No Man’s Sky’s crafting system

Our call for more writers and contributors has been a success, with quite a lot more people applying to join us than we ever anticipated. We’re still in the process of sorting through all of them, but the first few have already been taken in. Please welcome Fleur from the Netherlands, the first woman to join our ranks. In her first article she disects IGN’s latest video and explains a bit about the crafting system and the resources in No Man’s Sky…

With the latest video on No Man’s Sky’s gathering and crafting system on IGN first, it becomes evidently clear that the crafting system and gathering resources will be a huge part of the game and its survival aspect. It won’t blatantly be as easy as shooting some crystals to gather everything you need, as one may suspect by watching the clip. We will have our work cut out for us.

Micro-manage your storage slots

To start off, your suit, weapon and ship all have storage slots. The number of slots available will vary with the different suits, ships and weapons (or multi-tools) available in the game. When you start off you will probably get equipment with a mere few slots available. It will be in your interest to go in search of equipment with more slots available for a number of reasons.

When you initially go out exploring, you’ll only have a limited capacity of storage. The limited slots you have are also divided in use. You will want to use some of the available slots in your suit for storage of the resources you gather, but other slots you will have to save for technology upgrades you plug in and research. These technology upgrades will help you to be more resilient when being shot, or enable you to stay alive longer on planets with extreme environments. In the video it’s also briefly mentioned that if you put the technology upgrades in adjacent slots right next to each other, you might get bonuses to certain stats.

Now comes the difficult part about all this. If you want to go to a hazardous planet because the resources you need are down there, you’ll have to install technologies in your suit to protect you. This will also mean that when you are well protected, you will have fewer slots to actually put the gathered resources in. This is why it might be wise to stay vigilant and remain on the lookout for a new suit with lots of empty, shiny slots.

Murray’s periodic table of elements

The video goes on to talk about the different kinds of resources. Silicon and sulfur might be used to build new technologies but plutonium has multiple uses such as as fuel, crafting protective layers for your suit or making ammunition for your “boltcaster”. This means that a lot of stuff won’t be infinite or recharging automatically. When your suit’s shield is down you’ll need to repair it, and when you run out of ammo, you’ll need to craft new ammunition. Resources needed to do so can be found in crystals, plant life, the ground itself or in debris scattered around the planet.

If you run out of fuel while on your way to a new planet, there are a number of ways for you to gather some more fuel in space. For example, you can mine asteroids. These asteroids can hold different elements depending on their size, location in relation to the system’s sun(s) and the constellation they’re in. You’ll likely find fuel resources in them. Keep in mind that you will always be able to fly your ship. The fuel you gather is for your thrusters. Without it, it might take you an hour to complete a trip that otherwise would have taken a minute or so. You might also decide to attack a trade freighter to steal their resources, but that won’t be easy. Not only are these freighters heavily protected, you will also get a wanted level and the space police will get involved.

Locations are relevant

The last thing I want to discuss is how you can find the resources you want and how to get them. When you’re playing the game you will be in a enormous star system with lots of different planets. You’ll have to choose the right one to find the specific resource you need. It takes some knowledge of how this works and you will have to learn that there are rules you need to follow. As with the asteroids, planets that are further from their star will hold different resources than planets closer to their star. The key is to look for patterns in where these resources can be found.

Hopefully this will have shed some light on how the crafting system of No Man’s Sky will work. There won’t be a guide provided by Hello Games so when you start off at launch, the universe will open its secrets to you.

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Fleur Hartsuijker
Fleur Hartsuijker
Fleur is, and has always been a dreamer. Wanting to take off to other worlds, leaving this one behind. And more often than not her imagination takes her there. She loves reading sci-fi and fantasy and has always been a enormous Harry Potter fan. Her alter ego Elterna has always be her videogame nickname (Pokémon is her guilty pleasure).

She lives near Amsterdam in the Netherlands and currently teaches geography to high school students. Next year she aspires to go back to university to pursue a study in Earth Sciences, but for now No Man's Sky is the next big thing.
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