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What do you do in No Man’s Sky?

What do you do in No Man’s Sky? That’s a question a lot of people ask regarding this space game. Most of us here over at the Galactic Observer struggle to find an answer to tell our relatives, friends and acquantances that doesn’t contain 500 words or more. Finally, Sean Murray came with a great answer:

Sean had to say the following about his masterpiece:

“Here is what No Man’s Sky definitely is:

    • Exploring a universe of pretty procedurally generated worlds, with beautiful creatures
    • Trading and interacting with NPCs
    • Combat against robots/mechs and cool space battles
    • Survival/crafting in a universe sized sandbox
    • An awesome procedural soundtrack from my genuine favourite band!
      For one small moment, you might feel like you’ve stepped into a sci-fi book cover”

That means perhaps this isn’t the game you *imagined* from those trailers. If you hoped for things like pvp multiplayer or city building, piloting freighters, or building civilisations… that isn’t what No Man’s Sky is. Over time the game might experience updates containing said, or other, features.

For instance, freighters and building bases *are* coming! as you can read in the patch notes.

At launch though, it’s an infinite procedural Sci-Fi-space-survival-sandbox unlike anything you have ever played before. If you decide to play it, you’ll see just how closely it plays to those trailers, and to the original vision Hello Games had intended. It’s a weird game, it’s a niche game and it’s a very very chill game.

Reddit and NeoGaf actually have really good guides to what the game is and isn’t, gathered from interviews Sean has done.

This game might not be for everyone, Sean expects it to be super divisive, but sat in the Hello Games studio watching playtesters right now who weren’t supposed to be in, but just wanted to play and chill out. Sean can’t wait for you to experience that for yourselves.

Source: No Man’s Sky main site.

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