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No Man’s Sky won’t need Playstation Plus

No Man’s Sky is almost upon us, so bits and pieces of news are coming from all directions. Now we know NMS does not need Playstation plus to be played online.

PS4 players won’t require the usual Playstation Plus online subscription to play this soon to be magnificent game.

Game Informer has confirmed about not needing PS Plus, Game Informer Australia editor David Milner reached out to Sony to inquire about a number of items and heard one interesting tidbit. “PS Plus won’t be a requirement to play online, however you will need to be connected to the internet for your discoveries to register with the universal atlas,” a representative told him.

Multiplayer in No Man’s Sky is more or less subjective here. Think of it as you playing World of Warcraft with three other people on the server. The chances of you seeing them are slim. You wont be bored with the vast universe with quintillion of planets, and seemingly endless opportunities for exploration.

No mans sky is almost out! It will be on August 9 in North America and August 10 in Europe and Australia.

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