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No Man’s Sky – Survive Trailer

Like a few days ago Sony dropped a new No Man’s Sky trailer. its the fourth of the total four that will come before the release of the game. We see a lot of new stuff in this survive trailer.

Focus on surviving

As taken from there Youtube description: Hostile environments. Deadly lifeforms. Can you survive? Your universe awaits.


With this final trailer, we get a true sense that you aren’t a tourist in No Man’s Sky. There are dangers on every planet. Everything from environmental toxins to brutal sandstorms. Also, make sure you bring your mittens and your cargo shorts because there is going to be a lot of HOT and COLD on your journey. The kind that can kill you in seconds without protection. Oh, did we mention the flora and fauna are out for blood too? Watch out because that flower you just walked by has teeth!

Keep your wits about you, plan ahead, scout for safer routes and keep your evo suit charged.

August is almost upon us.

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Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks
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