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No Man’s Sky servers will be wiped

Bad news for players that have an early copy of No Man’s Sky, but great news for the new player that are waiting for the release.

For the players that have already gotten their hands on the (soon to be released) No Man’s Sky disk, we have some bad news. The server will be wiped next Sunday and again on Monday in anticipation of Tuesday’s release. So if you are already playing right now, be ready to do it all over again.

Sony and Hello Games are clearly annoyed by the number of early copies that came out prior to a patch that Hello Games deems crucial. So in anticipation of the new patch (you can find the patch notes here) the servers are getting a reset before launch day.

Harry Denholm, senior programmer at Hello Games posted the following to Twitter:

As you can see at the little snippet above, you can see a slight shot at the bloggers from Kotaku.

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