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No Man’s Sky Release Date Confirmed

Hello Games has officially announced the release window for the highly anticipated game, No Man’s Sky is set for release in June 2016.

I’ve seen things

The newly announced release date makes way as the conclusion of a brand new trailer, titled “I’ve Seen Things.” It also shows off the inside cockpits of several new space-craft, which appear to be cargo ships. The trailer also provides Pegi’s age recommendation for the user-base, where No Man’s Sky is humbly rated Pegi 7. Not only is this the first trailer to include the rating, but also the first to include any voice-overs and, what looks like, multi-tool (the gun-like mining and combat tool) upgrades or variations.

The release won’t be ’till June…

No one is sure of what Hello Games plan to add over the span of the next eight months, or what they might be working on (PC version, maybe?), but boy are we excited! Remember, most of what you’ve read is speculation, so take everything you see with a grain of salt.

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