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No Man’s Sky pc release delayed until the 12th of August

According to the official No Man’s Sky website, the official release for the pc version of the game has been delayed and will no longer be released at the same time as the game’s release on the Playstation 4. No statement has officially been released by Hello Games, but as seen below, the pc release for the title has been pushed back to a worlwide release on the 12th of August, with the PS4 version being released in North America on the 9th of August and Europe on the 10th of the same month. This means another (although minor) delay on the game.

Reasons unknown

We wonder why, as this time the delay is made without an exaplanation on why this decision was made. Highly likely the distributors aren’t able to physically provide the world with enough game-disks as they would love to, hence a minor delay to enable them to press more disks and ship them across the globe.

If you, like me and lots of others, are waiting for the pc version, it’ll be hard to avoid spoilers in the few more days we’ll have to wait. Nothing else we can do…



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Luis Pereira
Luis Pereira
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