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No Man’s Sky is out Joon 21st

Like a shooting star in your Facebook feed, we now know more about No Man’s Sky than we ever have. The media embargo has lifted and for the first time in months we have communication from Hello Games on all manner of this most anticipated title.

Joon 21

The release date is June 21st. Not far off it seems and not far from predictions either. We have just enough time to plan to be home for launch day and build up a cache of food, drink and preempted errands to finish, removing all interruptions for this day of much rejoicing. Book it off work, send the kids to grandma’s house, tell your wife she should have lunch with some friend or your husband to do the same (Not to sound sexist here but if you are a woman taking the day to play this then in all likelihood so is your husband or boyfriend.). Do what you must, for the journey to the centre of the universe will be longer than you think.

Say What?

We’ve learned that it’s not just you, your fellow explorers and space goats after all. There are sentient races in No Man’s Sky. Yes that’s right, NPC’s to communicate with and trade. There is a catch though! You can’t understand a damn word they say. Well… not at first. Like most things in the game this will take time. There are monoliths on some planets that, when read, will teach you alien languages, bit by bit. Your dialogue choices for these NPCs will be written in alien text at first and then, like most situations when in a foreign land, you’ll begin to pick up words. Soon phrases will become clear in basic (english). After that we imagine you become fluent and will be sharing intergalactic humour over a pint of purple ale. Well maybe not but you will have more options to trade and purchase items. This will be a great advantage in upgrading your equipment.

More of What We Know

We have had scraps of information on the various features in No Man’s Sky for months. Today we have some new footage to drool over and some new creatures to gasp at. We also know more about the environments in terms of temperature, solar cycles, atmosphere and how all of these things affects your struggle for survival. There are day and night cycles, but these can be so extreme in terms of climate change that your suit may not be able to protect you. Therefore you must find shelter. Resources on the planet affect the flora and fauna on a given planet. Think of it like this, soil with a rich mineral may allow a certain type of plant to flourish, that plant is eaten by creatures that may take on the characteristics of what they eat. We knew some of this already but we now know just how careful we will need to be when exploring. Oh and getting lost on a planet is a very real danger despite any beacon that may tell you what direction your ship is. Plan to scout and return in short excursions.

Space is big. Really, really big. We knew it was such but we now have it on authority that we won’t have die hards getting to the centre of the universe in within weeks of launch. We are talking months and for some, it will be a race. With a planet count of 18,000,000,000,000,000,000 (or 18 billion billion). It is now very clear that meeting up with a friend will likely be improbable at best.

The Flood Gates Are Open

Everyone at The Galactic Observer are hard at work deciphering more news and debunking rumours around the clock. If you have any questions about No Man’s Sky or today’s announcement then leave us your questions and comments below. We will be posting regularly as new information becomes available.


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Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks
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