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Why Was No Man’s Sky Delayed?

No Man’s Sky entered most of our hearts back in E3 2014, and was originally slated for the third quarter of this year. Most of the game’s community was let-down and confused when they first saw the trailer from Sony Paris Games Week. “June?! Seriously, they have to be joking” was immediately what entered my mind.

Avoid competition

Now I’ve come to realize, the current spotlight in video games is being fought over by massive titles, like Fallout 4 (a personal favorite), Just Cause 3, Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void and Star Wars Battlefront, just to name a few. Hello Games might have made the decision to delay No Man’s Sky to have a sales boost, and with that, an increased number of players within their game. Right now, the only major PS4 game (currently) slated for June 2016 is Ark: Survival Evolved, so this backs up my theory quite a bit. Obviously, the other reason for the delay was to give more time to squash those pesky bugs and implement highly requested features. So far, the reasons for delaying the game are good, rather than bad. I mean, other than the giant disappointment to die-hard fans who crave this game, but I doubt they’ll be loosing buyers any time soon.

One chance to do it right

The more time they take crafting this monster of a game, the better it is bound to turn out, and with that, I give you my theory as to why the game was delayed. The timing just wasn’t right. Besides, Sean Murray already stated: “We only have one chance to do it right”.

Oh, and in my opinion, Fallout 4 will definitely be 2015’s definitive game; Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is currently it’s biggest rival. Again, just an opinion.

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Chris Kinser
Chris Kinser
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