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NMS&U: What do YOU think the unknown features are?

Life of a No Man’s Sky fanboy or -girl can be hard these days. Hello Games has been awfully (read: annoyingly) quiet lately and not much new information about the game is getting out. This makes the wait untill Joon™ a long and tedious one. So we decided to try something new…

Imagine being a fanboy, eagerly making imaginary marks in the bedpost every day, hoping the games’ release comes closer with every night you sleep. Imagine being such a fanboy ánd writing for a website that covers No Man’s Sky news and information, winky-face. It is hard to write articles every now and then, spew out a solid flow of interesting content, when there is literally nothing new being brought out to write about. So instead of rehashing news everyone already read a million times by now, we just bide our time and wait for more information being delivered to us to cover.

Use your imaginations

With as little information coming out, we can only rely on our infinite imaginations and we all could instead perhaps iterate on something Sean Murray has stated earlier. He said there will be key gameplay features, novelties and other still unknown stuff to do when playing the game, we have not (yet) heard about. So we’ve decided to come up with a new and recurring section on this very site: NMS&U: No Man’s Sky and YOU. This is us from The Galactic Observer asking our community questions and start up discussions, just to keep the hype train rolling.

So here’s the first question, as shown in the title: What do YOU think the unknown features are? Tell us below!

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Dennis Klaster
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