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News about the No Man’s Sky game itself

  • What do we think of 1.3?

What do we think of 1.3 and implications for the future

This week’s latest patch Hello Games (1.3) named Atlas Rises dropped like a bomb and isn’t it a treat? If you answered with a definite no, then please care to reconsider. This patch seems like it’s finally made No Man’s Sky the game it always set out to be! Are you not yet convinced that the [...]

  • no-mans-sky-foundation-update

No Man’s Sky: The Foundation of Vision

I once said to a friend, “The only thing more valuable than the money in your pocket, is the time on your hands.”. It’s been a long time of waiting since the last update. Many gave up, many of us took to being hate mongers of Hello Games. Some however, would light a candle every night [...]

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