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A new face at Hello Games

News about No Man´s Sky is a bit slow, but let’s all wholly hope that changes soon. Hello Games has added a new communications manager who will handle the press, PR and marketing.

Matthew Reynolds will be the new communications manager and is a former gaming editor for the online outlet Digital Spy.

Matthew Reynolds, new face at Hello Games

This happy face will hopefully keep us hyped up!

Reynolds started at Digital Spy in 2008 as a reporter and was promoted to gaming editor in 2010. Reynolds is thrilled to be a part of the team:

“I’ve been a fan of Hello Games since the early Joe Danger days, and I’m thrilled to come on board during a very exciting time for the studio. I can’t wait to get stuck in”.

Suzy Wallace, senior producer for Hello Games, added:

”We’re delighted to have Matt joining our little team here at Hello Games, and are certain he will be a huge asset to us in keeping our fans and press alike happy throughout the development process of No Man’s Sky and beyond.”

Now let’s all hope he will actually start communicating outwards a bit more, it will be June soon and we still aren’t sated with news about this awesome little piece of art we call No Man’s Sky. Hello Games had a massive flow where the game got hyped up everywhere, which sprung large and healthy communities with members all eager to find out more and more. Now that they haven’t released anything new over the past few months, that hype train is slowly halting and we see most communities online get spammed full with Fallout 4 threads. Hello Games could use a new spark to relight the fire and make this game the huge success we all expect it will be, and to keep everyone eager to play, you have to bring out something every now and then. Keep us informed Hello Games! Please?

Source: mcvuk.com

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