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New Gameplay Video! (No clever Title Needed)

Holy sweet baby unicorn tears Batman! We just got backhanded across the face with a brand new twenty-two minute long video of Sean Murray playing No Man’s Sky for IGN First as they are once again their subject matter, this time for the month of April. Boy o boy, it looks like it’s Christmas 8 months early!

Seeing is Believing

After watching the above gameplay video, courtesy of IGN, I then wiped the drool off my chin that was escaping due to my jaw being on the floor. This is the type of video so many of us have been waiting for. I know some fans probably don’t want to see another second of video so that nothing is “spoiled” for them when June 21st rolls around. I respectfully understand your decision, but I am not one of you. I have wanted to see something along these lines for a good while. Rightfully so we all went crazy to some degree when information started pouring out from journalists who got some hands-on time after Hello Games went dormant for a long while. I think this video is us seeing, to some degree, what they played themselves a couple weeks back.

Information Overload! Self Destruct in 10…9…8…

If you haven’t watched the gameplay video yet, go do so now. I linked it above for crying out loud! Now that we’re all on the same page…wow! Right?! We finally get to see things with our own two eyes that we’ve only read about up to this point, and even a thing or two I don’t believe we’ve known about. Where to begin? The beginning I guess. We get to see the binoculars in action for the first time as Sean sees a structure in the distance and marks it making it pulse as a beam of light now shoots into the sky from its location. I know you don’t need me to hold your hand and tell you what you’re seeing in the video but I just want to mention a few of things I saw that I thought were cool, or of note. Sean sleeps in front of one of the alien monoliths and it restores his health, so that can apparently happen, as well as learning some of the alien language. We see, at least in a video we are finally meant to see, the inventory screens as he upgrades his multi-tool “gun” with a Land Disruptor enabling him to blow giant holes into the landscape. Sean saves his game inside what he calls a base where we’ve seen the Korvax alien interaction. These are just a few of the many, many things to be discussed ad nauseam. What’s that? You want more? OK!

Lightning Round

Time for a rapid-fire list of stuff, as scientists call it, that we see in this first of many more videos to come.

  • We get the emphasis on surviving from Sean. We don’t just leisurely get to stroll across the galaxy; we have to survive it.
  • At one point very briefly we see one aspect of this as what looks like a plant-like tentacle strikes out towards him as he walks along.
  • We see a factory get infiltrated for supplies.
  • As Sean goes into his Galactic Map you’re able to easily see the stars in all their different colors, and it is beautiful.
  • Trade routes of other ships are visible while out in space.

The two things I took away from this more than anything however? First, the fact that Sean Murray hopes people work as a community online when it comes to possible helpful information. And second…don’t be a space dick.


 What’s crazy about this is that videos like this will be coming to us all month long via IGN First. So strap yourself in, and hold onto your butts, it’s going to be insane. Of course, we’ll be sure to cover all of them. so keep navigating towards the Galactic Observer!

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