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New EXPLORE trailer, first of 4 upcoming vids!

It appears Sony dropped a new No Man’s Sky trailer today, apparently the first video of what will be four total. The clip’s a short one, but jam packed with lots of goodies and eye candy. This is the first video in what looks like a series called ‘No Man’s Sky: Guides to the Galaxy’ and boy, does it look amazing! Go explore this clip!

Focus on exploring

The very start of the video gives us the premise of the upcoming four clips, each likely handling a different part of the game: explore – fight – trade – survive. We can safely assume the next video will cover the fighting part of the game, but as we’re only given this one today, we’re given a look into the exploring part of No Man’s Sky. In just little over one-and-a-half minte of footage, we see an amazing variety of planets, landscapes, landmarks, big rocks, small rocks, ships, places to visit, animals, you name it. Exploring is key in the game and you’ll see amazing stuff on your screen.

I think you’ll definitely watch this clip a few times to catch everything in it.



Fuel for the hype train

This video looks like the start of a small marketing campaign by Sony, to ensure the sales ramp up when the game launches. It’s been silent surrounding No Man’s Sky and people are eager for something new so Sony adds some fuel for the hype train. We have yet to learn when the other three video’s hit, but we suspect it’s a matter of days before we see them all!

Man cannot discover new oceans
unless he has the courage
to lose sight of the shore

André Gide

The game’s release is coming fast people, and we’re almost in space!

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