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My Night with 65daysofstatic (65dos)

Behind a truly great film or game there is a something that elevates it to that next level…the soundtrack. Whether it is Speak Softly, Love from The Godfather by Nino Rota or the Star Wars theme by John Williams, a great soundtrack is what stirs those inner-most feelings deep within our souls.

When used appropriately, music has the power to excite, to scare, to make us laugh or to make us cry. When we here those iconic tracks we are instantly taken back to those powerful moments we remember so vividly. Who doesn’t instantly picture Indy escaping some dangerous situation when they hear the Indiana Jones theme.

65dos had to be seen…

Hello Games, aware they needed their epic sci-fi adventure to have a suitably epic soundtrack, chose instrumental post-rock band 65daysofstatic to provide the music for No Man’s Sky. The numerous trailers released to date by Hello games have all featured various tracks from past 65dos albums and the band has become synonymous with No Man’s Sky. It was watching these trailers, and the “A Night Under No Man’s Sky” concert at E3 2015 that got me hooked on the band. When I learned that they were playing a gig near to my home, on my birthday, I just had to go along and see them live.

The venue in question was The Trades Club, an intimate venue in the small town of Hebden Bridge, Northern England. Holding only a maximum of 200 people, it was a perfect choice for my first 65dos gig. Arriving an hour before the opening act went on, I stopped for a drink in the venue bar, sitting only a few feet away from Paul Wolinski, Joe Shrewsbury and Simon Wright – 3 members of the band. It is a real bonus for a venue such as this that fans and band members can mingle before the show.
Drinks drunk and supports acts well…supported – it was time for 65dos to take to the stage. By this time the club was completely packed and all 200 tickets were a sell out. They opened with a few tracks from past albums. Something to get the fans warmed up. Before long they announced they were going to play something from their forthcoming album (No Man’s Sky: Music for an Infinite Universe) and duly played Supermoon. Despite not having any No Man’s Sky footage playing on a backdrop screen, I was instantly taken to that first trailer and I was transported to the game in my minds eye. Exactly what a killer soundtrack should do.

65dos a perfect fit

We were treated to a few more classic tracks before we got to hear 3 more tracks from the new album. Now I should point out that in no way am I a music critic, but I do know how these songs made me feel. I can honestly say that as each new track was played I could visualize the types of gameplay it would accompany. Heavy guitar and drums for those moments of danger and combat, contrasting nicely with more melodic and uplifting moments for when you are flying over the surface of a planet for example. The new music fits n just as well as their classic tracks that we’ve seen on many of the trailers so far. I confess I was worried that because I’ve enjoyed the music from the trailers so much, I would be disappointed with the music that is produced for the game. I needn’t have worried. Sean Murray and Hello Games, who know this band so well, couldn’t have picked a better match for their masterpiece. A perfect blend of thumping rock and electronic beats make for an ideal sci-fi mix.

As a final flourish, my personal favourite track – Radio Protector – was played. The venue was truly rocking by this point, and it’s clearly a fan favourite judging by the reception it got. It was swiftly followed up by another great track, Safe Passage. A small encore ended what was a most memorable gig, and for me, 65daysofstatic are the best live band I’ve ever seen. If you like their music and have the opportunity to see them live, do yourselves a favour and make sure you go!

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Tom Hawkins
Tom Hawkins
Tom is a Project Manager for a computer software company in the UK and he's married and has 2 amazing kids. He loves playing games and likes to watch others gaming on YouTube. He's a huge fan of sci-fi films and loves anything to do with space. Tom discovered No Man's Sky in mid 2015 and has been captivated by it ever since.

He's been playing computer games for 25 years and no game has ever made him this excited!
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