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Launch Day Update Details!

In true god-like fashion, Sean Murray has changed the universe. As 99% of us eagerly await launch on PS4 on Tuesday, August 9th (shortly followed by PC Aug. 12th), we are humbled by his might and mercy. Not only has Sean Murray announced that the servers will be reset before we disembark, which effectively makes any leaked footage or reviews moot, he just flooded the universe with NEW FEATURES and BALANCES in detailing the launch day update. The update smites those exploits that heathens employed to reach the centre of the galaxy first off. Then rewards us with a 3 path system that will result in different endings to the mysterious story of the game. What’s more, is what reads as a veritable overhaul of the game itself with enhancements and added features. Then as if this weren’t enough, at the end of the long, LONG list of changes he once again opens the skies with news of what’s in store for the next update. Make sure you’re sitting down for this… BASE BUILDING and OWNING GIANT FREIGHTERS!

Get Ready To Launch!

The updates are far too numerous to comment on here. However we invite you to get the conversation going in our NEW FORUMS. There you will find rooms for discussion and the patch notes themselves.

Hang on to your space pants! It’s going to be one hell of a journey!

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Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks
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