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Hello Games responds to the community: Patches incoming!

Yesterday we received an email from Hello Games. In it a, somewhat generic, response to an issue one of our members had whilst playing the game. Which member of the game studio wrote the e-mail isn’t sure. In the response the developer apologizes for not delivering a fully functioning game and they are adamant in fixing things pretty soon.

Mixed responses

The game has surely received a lot of mixed responses and it seems lots of features promised us by Sean Murray in interviews or stuff we’ve seen in the various trailers throughout the years are not (yet) in the game. This is ofcourse a shame, let alone the fact it’s plain out silly for them to make promises they couldn’t keep. It’s understandable the majority of the player base feels a bit let down. This, ofcourse, can change with new content being brought out in future patches, but I think nonetheless, and I am speaking for myself here, that I’d rather have waited a few more months to have a more polished game than having Hello Games sell a bag of air. That being said, most of us are indeed having a great time playing the game, the generated worlds are cool to scour, but worlds as seen in the trailers are mostly yet to be discovered…

Patches are incoming

The developers seem to have a great interest in delivering more to the players through the means of patches. They’ve promised continued support to make No Man’s Sky better by the day and we can only applaud said commitment. Let’s hope the game actually gets more of the features promised like base building, landing on asteroids and the lot. This brings me back to the email we received. Have a look what they responded:

Hello Games (Hello Games)
Aug 17, 16:01 CEST

Hello !! First of all, we are thankful for all your love, support and affection towards our dream project ‘No Man’s Sky’.

At the same time, if you have mailed out support address, we are extremely sorry for any issues you are facing playing our game. Please be assured that we are working literally around the clock to resolve the most critical issues for players. We are collating all the data and support requests you have sent, and it is helping us to develop fixes. Sincerely thank you for your help.

Many people have waited so long to play the game, and we know how frustrating it can be to have problems. We hear you, and we humbly request you to wait a bit longer as we try to get these fixes tested and rolled out soon. A patch for both PC and PS4 will be released this week. These will fix the most urgent and critical issues for all our players. Then next week another patch for PS4 and PC will be released which will help to improve the experience further for players. We will keep you updated. In the meantime, please find a list of the most common issues and workarounds here: http://www.no-mans-sky.com/support/

No Man’s Sky is a vast journey, we intend to continually update and improve this game and we look forward to working with you to provide the best gameplay experience we can.

Thank you for understanding,
Hello Games

Let’s all hope the game gets better through these patches and that we can all have less frustrations and more enjoyment!

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