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The game’s released: We’re expanding!

Hey there everyone!

Happy days are here, No Man’s Sky has finally been released and the long wait’s over. Some of us might have to wait just a little while longer, but that’s a matter of mere days. For those of us who do have to wait still, including yours truly, there are some things you can do whilst waiting. Like writing for (and with) us!

Secrets no more!

As some of you guys are already roaming the universe, scrapping everything in sight to merely survive, for the pc-players out there, the wait’s just a few more days. So apart from waving your social life goodbye, telling your mom and dad you love them and visiting your grandparents one more time, all we can do is wait and bide our time. But as the game’s out now, it’s starting to reveal its secrets. Secrets that absolutely beg to be written about and to keep our newsfeed ticking, we can really use your help.

Join the force

So this means The Galactic Observer is recruiting. The site’s growing, we’re welcoming more visitors daily and have big plans for the future. We’re working on launching a No Man’s Sky wikia, we’ve just recently launched our forums and are starting to stream on Twitch.tv. But, we need your help! We are looking for No Man’s Sky enthusiasts, people who are already playing ór are eager to start, with an affinity for journalism and writing in general. So if you won’t mind writing about your favorite game to be, in a team with likeminded people and a nice bunch of people altogether, we’d love to meet you! Toggle open the job opening below for more information.

As a writer for this website, you’re going to help bring all the news about No Man’s Sky out to the player base. You love to write, have a great understanding of the English language and a writing style that’s pleasant for the eyes.

What you’d tell your friends when you explain what you do for this site:
We’re a prime source of No Man’s Sky news, opinions, community coverage and more. We make sure news from all sources come together on this site and we write about the game in our own voice, our own opinion. We’re open minded and have a strong passion for the game and everything surrounding it.

What we deem important and what we expect from you:

– You’ll write a bare minimum of 2 quality articles per week, ideally more. If you can not meet that minimum you needn’t bother applying;
– You have a drive to write about the things that interest you about this game;
– You ideally have (some) experiences with WordPress and its functions;
– You are always professional and always act accordingly.
– Should you apply you’ll add a pre-written article about a No Man’s Sky topic of your choosing to the application, your skill will be judged. Ideally it’s a realistic and valid topic, so we can publish it as your first article upon joining our team!

What we offer you:

– A team of professional people, who you can talk to and who can always offer you advice;
– A chance of adding a journalistic ‘job’ to your resumé;
– A chance to shine on Youtube, Twitch.tv or someplace else;
– Hopefully we’ll eventually be able to compensate you for your time in the future, by sending you goodies or otherwise;

Interested? Apply!

Are you interested in joining a merry bunch writing about No Man’s Sky? Would you love to see your picture and bio beneath every article published by your hands? Please don’t hesitate to apply by clicking here! Be sure to add the article you’ve written to allow us to judge your skills. Add a small biography about who you are, where you’re from and what you like to do and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

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Dennis Klaster
Dennis Klaster
Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief at The Galactic Observer
Dennis is one of the two founders of the website and has a strong passion for (online) gaming, webdesign, watching lot of different tv-series, his lovely daughter and loads of other stuff. He goes normally by the nickname of Reznar, which is his most played World of Warcraft character ;)

Lives in a small town in the Netherlands with his girlfriend and daughter and likes heavy metal. And italian food :)
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