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Gameplay trailer to be released soon?

It’s 2016, it has been for almost an entire two months already. 2016 is going to be an amazing year, a new Game of Thrones season is on the horizon, as well as new seasons for other series I normally tend to binge-watch. Also, there’s an official Warcraft movie coming out, which I foreshadowed it would come about 10 years ago. But, the one thing I am anticipating the most is ofcourse the release of No Man’s Sky. With that release in June being a mere few months away, Hello Games took it quite easy on the communications side the past few months. News was scarce, if not non-existing and apart from a rumor for the game to be released alongside the PlayStation VR-goggles the hype-train came to a full stop pretty quick. About time to get the train back on track and it seems Sean Murray and his team of wonder-workers are planning to get it running full speed once more by unveiling a brand new gameplay trailer in the upcoming weeks.

A LAN everyone would attend

A week back, leading gaming journalists from around the globe were invited to a LAN party over at Hello Games’ headquarters. A German game reporter named Benjamin Kratsch was priviledged enough to play No Man’s Sky. Unable to go in-depth on everything he’s seen and experienced playing the game right now, he actually will be able to once Sony’s embargo on the game lifts next week. This hints at something big happening once it lifts, otherwise the embargo lifting will be pretty meaningless and random. What’s better to get the train running again than using a brand spankin’ new gameplay trailer, or something of that magnitude?

No full embargo

 It seems not all is lost, Kratsch actually was able to answer some questions asked directly on Twitter. We’d like to refer you to the official No Man’s Sky Reddit for most of his responses, but a few are pretty awesome to say the least:

“Q: @Rikyjb_YT: is the 10% planets with life rule still up? Because from what we’ve seen on the demos all planets seem to have life.

A: There is some planets without life actually, but a lot of resources, where mining factions have set up their production. Cheers

Q: @MDRenz: Will docking be as hard as Elite Dangerous?

A: No, it’s actually fairly simple. There is a beam, where you have to fly to and the docking is on auto-pilot. Cheers”

Still a lot of questions remain unanswered and we will have to wait to see what Sean meant when he said there would be a lot more to the game than we know right now. If only I knew why he smirks when asked, he’s hiding something big!

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