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Forums are now live!

Hear ye, hear ye! Us folks over here at the Galactic Observer have launched our very own forums! These forums are your place to discuss everything related to the game, this website and its contents, but on them you can also do lots and lots more! Perhaps you want to share your Twitch.tv stream or let let the community enjoy your newest Machinima, or maybe you found this other awesome game, movie or book you want to discuss on our off-topic forums.

Moderators wanted

We know at the very start of every forum community, content is lacking and there isn’t much to discuss. Please stick with us, as it’s only a matter of time before these boars burst with activity. Should you have experience moderating such forums and be willing to help us out: We are currently looking for people to start moderating these boards with us. Contact us if you’re up for the job!

For now, enjoy the boards!

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Dennis Klaster
Dennis Klaster
Founder, CEO & Editor-in-Chief at The Galactic Observer
Dennis is one of the two founders of the website and has a strong passion for (online) gaming, webdesign, watching lot of different tv-series, his lovely daughter and loads of other stuff. He goes normally by the nickname of Reznar, which is his most played World of Warcraft character ;)

Lives in a small town in the Netherlands with his girlfriend and daughter and likes heavy metal. And italian food :)
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