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Some facts from No Man’s Sky’s Gameplay

A while back Hollie and Dave from Playstation Access saw a 25 minute long gameplay demo of No Man’s Sky and made a list of things you will be able to do and experience while playing the game. They put all facts they got to know together and made a nice little video for all of us to see.

One of my favorite facts they mentioned is about the planets that are generated.

If you shoot a hole in a rock will another player see that when he or she enters that same planet?

The answer is no, but if you damage or destroy say, a trading post or installation there, then that will be permanent and for all other players to see. A hole in a rock wont have the same ramifications as a trading post that is lost, since people and NPC’s can’t trade there anymore.

Another interesting fact is that you can play the whole game without landing on any of the planets, it is possible to buy anything in the space stations or steal/get from ships that are flying in space. not that anyone in their right mind will want to do such a maliciously evil thing, but it is possible. You can see other interesting No Man’s Sky facts in the video below.

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