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Dying Hype, or Rising Tide?

It’s no question that Hello Games’ No Man Sky is almost as close to the ground as can be, when it comes to gaining traction. The game is set to release eight months from now, and the fan-base is almost as thrilled as when the game was first announced. We’re talking about a fan-base as dedicated as those who play Minecraft on a daily occurrence, but the game isn’t even out yet! That alone excites me.

All aboard the hype train

Thousands of people are hopping on the hype train, but why are there people who are so quick to jump off? It’s simple, really. Players are destroying the hype for themselves. With a fan-base so hungry, the slightest phrases and hints make fans spontaneously combust (such as the infamous “soon”), and create airwaves of false rumors and speculation. I understand that October was a let down for most people, and honestly I was expecting the game to release this year too, but that’s no reason to let your hype train come off the rails! Sony’s Paris Games Week was actually a victory for the fans of No Man’s Sky. I mean come on, we got a release date! And while the excruciatingly painful eight months pass, there is nothing but more reason to get hyped about No Man’s Sky; however, there’s another side to this story.


Will the hype kill this game? We’ve looked forward to many games, granted not of No Man’s Sky’s mass, but the hype has absolutely destroyed the value at which we’ve wanted to play them. A strong example of this was Watchdogs. Thousands, if not, millions of people were looking forward to this game, and in the end it came out to be a nightmare, due to how much the developers “talked the game up” (as they say). Ah, but this is where it gets interesting! No Man’s Sky’s marketing is actually focused on not showing you all of the game-play. Not only would it be impossible, due to the game’s size, but Sean Murray has stated that he doesn’t want to ruin the experience for the player. He’s purposely left off giant chunks of game-play to make sure there is still a massive amount of content for the gamers. For example: he’s mentioned a way to customize your character, plant flags in areas, we haven’t really seen any barren planets, space whales?! (joking), etc. There’s just so much more to this game than what we’ve seen. And on that note, stay hyped my friends.

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Chris Kinser
Chris Kinser
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