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Diversity is the name of the game!

IGN released some more footage for No Man’s Sky and this time it focused on how different the conditions on the planets may be from one another. We were able to see 5 different planets and a bit of how each location can impact the way you play the game. We, like the rest of the world, watched the video and now it’s time to break this new information down and elaborate more on the planets’ diversity.


This planet has a post apocalyptic feel to it, as if taken from a Fallout game. Despite a mild and soothing temperature, the signs of fauna and flora are scarce. These planets however are a prime stop for mining and collecting resources. With no extreme conditions, you are free to walk around as much as you want with little consequence (as long as you don’t upset the Sentinels, ofcourse).



Although the name of this planet might make you think of a minor Norse God or deity, the tropical surroundings will quickly make you think you woke up in paradise, surrounded by happy creatures and beautiful trees. You might have a higher difficulty collecting resources from the environment here, as with its abundant life comes much, much more attention. Encountering more alien lifeforms is not solely a bad thing, as this and similar planets may prove to be a good spot for trading.



Is it hot in here? 751.5ºc seems a bit excessive, but it’s nothing our suit can’t take! Well… for a while at least. The blinding light of the (very) proximate sun and the high amount of dust in the air makes it hard to look around. However, a T-Rex like dinosaur enters the frame at a distance and seems to greet you! Let’s hope he wants to be friends… This planet makes it impossible for a player to be out and about for long, so you’d better come equipped with some grenades and find a cave or other cooler area fast.



It’s raining a lot here, but in contrary to what a popular song might suggest, this rain is not pleasant. Pure acid is falling from the sky but some plants and animals seem to have adapted, so you’d better learn how they are doing it and fast. Hostile locations seem to be where you will find most valuable resources, so staying around might be a good tactic, as long as you can find shelter and have enough parts to repair your suit. Also, an alien that looks like an armadillo with flaps as hands lives here and that’s always a plus for me.


Balari V

Good old Balari V. We’ve probably been around it’s circumference once already, as we’ve seen game play from this planet for a decent while lately. We’ve been on Balari V so often, it almost feels like home now. Looking at the sky we can see a space station (and thus: opportunities) for trading arise from such places. The extreme cold indicator on the left corner of the HUD indicates that this, like other planets, is not a safe one to explore lightheartedly. We’ve seen before that cave systems run through the planet, and those are always safe to traverse in. Or so we hope.


What can be taken from this gameplay

Hello Games is putting a lot of its chips on the sheer amount of diversity players will find everywhere they go and it seems to really be paying off. The planets look beautiful, and even the more hostile ones present opportunities for exploration and resource gathering. How much impact each of the climates will have on how a player will progress remains to be seen, but we can remain hopeful that our thirst for exploring will be quenched with No Man’s Sky.

You can watch the entire clip here:

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