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About the Galactic Observer

About us

The Galactic Observer is a website covering all aspects of the PC and PS4 computer game No Man’s Sky. We cover news, patches, community-driven content and other sources surrounding the game.

Our media content is distributed not only on this website, but also on YouTube, we stream live on Twitch.tv we operate on a wide variety of Social Media.

Our mission is to provide our visitors a single source of information surrounding No Man’s Sky. Our community can depend on The Galactic Observer as a trustworthy source and that they’re offered an enjoyable experience.
The Galactic Observer was started in September 2015 by two life-long friends: Dennis Klaster & Quentin Beglinger. Awaiting the release of No Man’s Sky, they wanted to keep up-to-date on everything surrounding this massive hit-to-be. They learned that there wasn’t a single source for information, so they decided to create their own. The end result is this very website.

With The Galactic Observer we aim to keep growing the site and expanding our features more and more.

As we thrive to make this site the number one hub for the No Man’s Sky community, we are never done adding content. Apart from writing news, columns and other editorials, we’re also working avidly implementing a Wiki, Message Boards and even a webshop eventually. Should you want to help us, you can apply by clicking here. You will always get a reply!

We need your help

Starting a business like this is very time consuming. We are currently investing vast amounts of time and our own money into developing this website. Server running costs, hosting fees etc. We really could use your help! With as little as $1,- a month pledged to us through Patreon you’ll help out a lot.

Please consider donating to help us make this website a huge success! We can’t do it without you. Thank you

Please consider donating! Thank you