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News about the community within the No Man’s Sky universe

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Traveling Light

Hyperspace – A state of traveling at speeds faster than light, or that room you send the kids to when they’ve had too much Halloween candy. For most of us though, hyperspace travel is the stuff of science fiction, and justly so. […]

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Rocket Man

It’s been a long eight months. You have taken the king, explored every vault and Mother Base has never looked better. It’s June. There is a spark in the air and a sense that the wait is over. With the launch happening in a matter of minutes, you feel you should prepare. […]

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New Features Coming to No Man’s Sky?

Sean Murray, Managing Director of Hello Games, has explained that there will be free updates coming to No Man’s Sky, depending on the response to the game’s upcoming release. He’s already stated that No Man’s Sky will eventually get traditional multiplayer, in an interview with Gamespot. […]

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About No Man´s Sky

While it’s likely we are getting closer to hearing a actual release date,  more and more information about No Man´s sky is being released, albeit slowly and steadily. In the meanwhile, for the ones that are not sure what No Man´s Sky is, I gathered some information from various sources. You newly born space-caddetts out there can hopefully understand [...]