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First Contact

The time has come once again. It’s a Friday night. To most that might mean going to a movie, going out with friends, or staying up to binge watch that show you’ve fallen behind on via Netflix. To me it means I get to continue my journey, continue my exploration of this never ending universe [...]

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The Instinct Calls

To say that No Man’s Sky has just a slight bit of hype surrounding it would be somewhat of an understatement. Especially now that we officially have a release window, the hype train got a new set of wheels and is back on the track with destination in sight. But why? Hundreds of games are [...]

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Traveling Light

Hyperspace – A state of traveling at speeds faster than light, or that room you send the kids to when they’ve had too much Halloween candy. For most of us though, hyperspace travel is the stuff of science fiction, and justly so. […]

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About No Man´s Sky

While it’s likely we are getting closer to hearing a actual release date,  more and more information about No Man´s sky is being released, albeit slowly and steadily. In the meanwhile, for the ones that are not sure what No Man´s Sky is, I gathered some information from various sources. You newly born space-caddetts out there can hopefully understand [...]