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News about the community within the No Man’s Sky universe

  • Lonely Traveler, First Contact

First Contact

The time has come once again. It’s a Friday night. To most that might mean going to a movie, going out with friends, or staying up to binge watch that show you’ve fallen behind on via Netflix. To me it means I get to continue my journey, continue my exploration of this never ending universe [...]

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  • No Man's Sky Fan Art by Therealarien

Fan Art coverage: Therealarien

Our aim for this website has always been becoming the major hub for all No Man’s Sky enthusiasts. We started out writing quality articles, covering the various aspects of the game and its background. But there’s more and the community is a big part in our plans to expand the site and its functionalities. In [...]

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The Instinct Calls

To say that No Man’s Sky has just a slight bit of hype surrounding it would be somewhat of an understatement. Especially now that we officially have a release window, the hype train got a new set of wheels and is back on the track with destination in sight. But why? Hundreds of games are [...]

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