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That’s No Supermoon…

Well ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages, we finally have our first full taste of a 65daysofstatic song that will officially be on the soundtrack for No Man’s Sky. This first (and only?) single is titled “Supermoon” and comes in at just under four and a half minutes. You can listen [...]

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Meet You In The Middle

It’s April, and like most of us, I am counting the days until June 21st. There’s been a lot of rhetoric about the game since Hello Games came out of their coding cave. The game is stated to be more of a single-player affair, even though technically there are others players out there. What happens after a [...]

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No Man’s What?

What’s in a name? Or, to be more specific, what is No Man’s Sky? The creative possibilities being as vast and the universe we are on pins and needles to explore; where does one find the inspiration to give a title to a game so unique? Hello Games chose a curious title in No Man’s [...]

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The Way of the Gun

There are a lot of FPS games out there. Some better than others. One of the key factors of a good first person shooter is the fidelity of the actual gun play. Does it feel like you are firing a weapon? Is there a sense that the ammunition is hitting the target or the environment. [...]

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Why Was No Man’s Sky Delayed?

No Man’s Sky entered most of our hearts back in E3 2014, and was originally slated for the third quarter of this year. Most of the game’s community was let-down and confused when they first saw the trailer from Sony Paris Games Week. “June?! Seriously, they have to be joking” was immediately what entered my mind. [...]

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