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  • Sean Murray

Sean Murray Needs Your Help

Greatness almost always starts with an idea. An original thought that is the seed that one hopes will grow and maybe one day, flourish into something real. The world is full of bean counters and poets. All either trying to make their mark in this world or trying to stay as unnoticed as possible. Unsurprising [...]

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  • Science Fiction Book List

READ A BOOK: A list of eleven books to spark your inner science fiction and get you ready to go for No Man’s Sky

With the release date of No Man’s Sky coming ever closer, I thought it would be fun to go back to the roots of this game. The beautiful science fiction book covers that inspired creator Sean Murray and his team to create the beautiful art style we have come to love. But behind every beautiful [...]

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  • Competition

No Man’s Sky upcoming competition

Everyone at The Galactic Observer is anxiously tapping their feet, waiting for the release of No Man’s Sky! No game can come and change that, however, the below 5 titles may prove to be fierce competition for Hello Games. Let’s have a look at what the competition has to offer. […]

  • 65daysofstatic

My Night with 65daysofstatic (65dos)

Behind a truly great film or game there is a something that elevates it to that next level…the soundtrack. Whether it is Speak Softly, Love from The Godfather by Nino Rota or the Star Wars theme by John Williams, a great soundtrack is what stirs those inner-most feelings deep within our souls. […]

  • An hour with Sean Murray

Let’s sit down with Sean Murray, the man behind No Man’s Sky

For the last IGN First video this April, Sean Murray sat down with Ryan McCaffrey for an unfiltered interview that ended up being more than an hour long. A lot of interesting facts about our favorite bearded game developer were discussed. Watching this interview we really get to know Sean Murray as more than just [...]

Diversity is the name of the game!

IGN released some more footage for No Man’s Sky and this time it focused on how different the conditions on the planets may be from one another. We were able to see 5 different planets and a bit of how each location can impact the way you play the game. We, like the rest of [...]

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  • Galactic Centre

A Galactic Debate

If there is one major source of debate among the ever-growing No Man’s Sky community, it surely has to be whether the game takes place within a single galaxy, or whether in fact there are multiple galaxies. To attempt to remedy galactic confusion, this article aims to draw a line in the sand and deliver [...]

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