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The Center of the Galaxy Reached – SPOILER FREE

As this writer predicted, the race to the center of the galaxy in No Man’s Sky would be achieved first by exploit. Now hold on. This wasn’t done by conventional cheating, but rather by ignoring everything that Hello Games placed in the game to make it a unique experience and to stand out from other games. You see, some people play games because they enjoy them, some play just to brag about their own achievements in them, and some are just assholes.

Spoiled the Spoilers

The guy who paid whatever amount for an early copy of the game and then posted spoiler videos of the game’s first half hour has done something far worse if to be believed. Sure, he withdrew the videos and apologized but that damage was already done. No, what I am saying is that he went on to let everyone know that he finished the main goal of the game. He reached the center of the Galaxy. Why is this worse? It is worse because all the mystic surrounding a goal that had an unknown time to complete is done. The flag was planted and the journey was measured. There are those out there that had curiosities about the journey and that it might take hundreds of hours of exploration. This was actually appealing because it shifts the focus on exploring to those who were keen to plant the flag as this jerk did. It was said that he did not cheat but rather exploited a specific resource that sold so high that he funded the ship-upgrade path to maximum in a short amount of time, thus making the journey take less time. No stopping to smell the alien flowers, meeting new species, saving freighters from pirates and most of all, logging his finds to the atlas.

Tabloid Internet

Whether we believe the stories or not, keep in mind that it IS about the journey. Sean Murray himself made it clear that he hopes this will be the experience people will choose to pursue. In fact, this guy may have done us a favour. When the game officially launches, there will be no point for the “racers” to try and be the first to the center. We can all appreciate the game as it was intended. An adventure of our own.

So my advice is to ignore the stories of this cheater we’ve heard about and on August 9th, boot up your legitimate copy of No Man’s Sky, crack open a soda and immerse yourself in procedurally generated bliss. Scan every morsel, look under every rock and bask in glorious exploration. Survive.

We at The Galactic Observer will be here to tell your stories when the journey really begins.


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Ryan Brooks
Ryan Brooks
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