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Captain’s log 64-23.7: Mystery item revealed!

Like probably all of you out there in the modern, connected world I have my mobile checking my e-mail and social network accounts regularly. Emails drop in, facebook and twitter notifications blink and beep – business as usual. But not only do we live in a social networking era – we also still live in the No Man’s Sky pre-launch era.

That moment when…

Besides the fact that No Man’s Sky pre-launch time is generally a bad time compared to launch or post-launch time it‘s also a good thing at the same time because that’s why I received an email from iam8bit.com. That’s the place where I ordered my Explorer‘s Edition for PC of No Man’s Sky. Iam8bit.com regularly sends updates on shipping dates and launch news of various games so that was not the big thing but the latest email also contained crystal clear pictures of the mystery item that comes with the Explorer’s Edition of No Man’s Sky.

…you scroll down in your inbox just to…




So here it is, the mystic mystery item:

mystery item revealed

That pretty darn good looking traveller’s log with the Atlas logo will be filled very soon very quickly. Not only with notes and doodles of all kind but also with coffee stains, dog-ears and cookie crumbles. But how do you fill such a stationery beauty adequately? Correct, only with a Fisher space pen! This vacuum-proof pen also is part of the mystery item. That’s good news because that means my son can make proper notes when he leaves the Earth to help colonizing Mars in 2039 and…sorry, I am wandering from the subject.

…find out the mystery item has been revealed!

In case you need help identifying the items you will get with your (hopefully pre-ordered) version of No Man’s Sky I copied these 2 reddit tables from there to here:

pre-order table

ps4 pc ltd editions

Please say thank you to reddit user Raxxial should you stop by. Since items and policies might change we cannot guarantee that this will be the official approach. But:

Your universe awaits. Start uncovering its mysteries using…mystery items!


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Alex Schafferhans
Alex Schafferhans
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Alex has a 7 year old son, so there's a lot of work still to do in slowly pushing him towards Star Wars and oth.... oh, wait - already done!
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