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About Tom Hawkins

Tom is a Project Manager for a computer software company in the UK and he's married and has 2 amazing kids. He loves playing games and likes to watch others gaming on YouTube. He's a huge fan of sci-fi films and loves anything to do with space. Tom discovered No Man's Sky in mid 2015 and has been captivated by it ever since. He's been playing computer games for 25 years and no game has ever made him this excited!
  • No Man's Sky Limited Edition

No Man’s Sky Delay Confirmed

So the rumor of a delay that had been swirling round the internet for the past few days has proven to be true. First revealed by Kotaku on Wednesday, the release of No Man’s Sky has indeed slipped by a few weeks. It is now releasing on August 9th in the US, August 10th in Europe [...]

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  • 65daysofstatic

My Night with 65daysofstatic (65dos)

Behind a truly great film or game there is a something that elevates it to that next level…the soundtrack. Whether it is Speak Softly, Love from The Godfather by Nino Rota or the Star Wars theme by John Williams, a great soundtrack is what stirs those inner-most feelings deep within our souls. […]

  • No Man's Sky Lore

The Lore of No Man’s Sky

J.R.R. Tolkien, J.K. Rowling and George Lucas. Three visionaries who knew that to truly make the world they created come to life, they needed to create universes that extend far beyond the pages of a book or lines in a script. […]

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  • Anthony and Sean

Anthony Carboni Plays No Man’s Sky

In the most aggressive gameplay footage we have seen to date, Anthony Carboni dons his best “Space Dick” (to coin a phrase used by IGN’s Ryan McCaffrey) hat and proceeds to show us what a fusion of Call of Duty smack talk, Grand Theft Auto random violence and No Man’s Sky’s beautifully generated world would look [...]

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  • Galactic Centre

A Galactic Debate

If there is one major source of debate among the ever-growing No Man’s Sky community, it surely has to be whether the game takes place within a single galaxy, or whether in fact there are multiple galaxies. To attempt to remedy galactic confusion, this article aims to draw a line in the sand and deliver [...]

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