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Ryan is a veteran from the advertising set. An art director and writer from Toronto, Canada, Ryan has been a science fiction aficionado since 1977 when his father took him to see a little known space opera called Star Wars. Gaming is a passion shared by his wife and three year old son. For Ryan, a good story is one of the most important aspects of the games he plays. Especially if you get to create the story yourself.
Too weird to live, too rare to die.
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No Man’s Sky: The Foundation of Vision

I once said to a friend, “The only thing more valuable than the money in your pocket, is the time on your hands.”. It’s been a long time of waiting since the last update. Many gave up, many of us took to being hate mongers of Hello Games. Some however, would light a candle every night [...]

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When I first saw the trailer for No Man’s Sky I was a little more than intrigued. I’d been a gamer for years, I’ve played shooters, platformers, simulations, RPGs and MMOs. I was always drawn to RPGs because I love a great story. However good those stories were, as years went by and games became [...]

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  • Sean Murray

Sean Murray Needs Your Help

Greatness almost always starts with an idea. An original thought that is the seed that one hopes will grow and maybe one day, flourish into something real. The world is full of bean counters and poets. All either trying to make their mark in this world or trying to stay as unnoticed as possible. Unsurprising [...]

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