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About Dennis Klaster

Dennis is one of the two founders of the website and has a strong passion for (online) gaming, webdesign, watching lot of different tv-series, his lovely daughter and loads of other stuff. He goes normally by the nickname of Reznar, which is his most played World of Warcraft character ;) Lives in a small town in the Netherlands with his girlfriend and daughter and likes heavy metal. And italian food :)
  • No Mans Sky Monolith

Rumors of upcoming release are getting persistent, but does it make sense?

Lately rumors about No Man’s Sky’s (imminent) release continue to pop up all over the web. You may all have a friend, a neighbour or a hippie-grandfather who knows someone who has a brother and he read something on a website in Korean and knows exactly when No Man’s Sky will come out. Throw in [...]

  • No Man's Sky welcome message

Welcome Earth citizen!

Welcome to the Galactic Observer. This website will act as your digital newspaper, covering all aspects that surround the amazing upcoming game No Man’s Sky. Now that we’re all anxiously awaiting the release date and cannot actually play the game just yet, we CAN start speculating about what the game will bring us. Ofcourse we already know [...]

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