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Dennis is one of the two founders of the website and has a strong passion for (online) gaming, webdesign, watching lot of different tv-series, his lovely daughter and loads of other stuff. He goes normally by the nickname of Reznar, which is his most played World of Warcraft character ;) Lives in a small town in the Netherlands with his girlfriend and daughter and likes heavy metal. And italian food :)
  • What do we think of 1.3?

What do we think of 1.3 and implications for the future

This week’s latest patch Hello Games (1.3) named Atlas Rises dropped like a bomb and isn’t it a treat? If you answered with a definite no, then please care to reconsider. This patch seems like it’s finally made No Man’s Sky the game it always set out to be! Are you not yet convinced that the [...]

  • Red planet bg

Hello Games responds to the community: Patches incoming!

Yesterday we received an email from Hello Games. In it a, somewhat generic, response to an issue one of our members had whilst playing the game. Which member of the game studio wrote the e-mail isn’t sure. In the response the developer apologizes for not delivering a fully functioning game and they are adamant in [...]

  • Forums are live!

Forums are now live!

Hear ye, hear ye! Us folks over here at the Galactic Observer have launched our very own forums! These forums are your place to discuss everything related to the game, this website and its contents, but on them you can also do lots and lots more! Perhaps you want to share your Twitch.tv stream or let let [...]

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  • No Man's Sky Fan Art by Therealarien

Fan Art coverage: Therealarien

Our aim for this website has always been becoming the major hub for all No Man’s Sky enthusiasts. We started out writing quality articles, covering the various aspects of the game and its background. But there’s more and the community is a big part in our plans to expand the site and its functionalities. In [...]

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  • Recruitment poster

TGO is recruiting

Howdy space travellers, we need your help. The Galactic Observer is looking for No Man’s Sky enthusiasts with a passion to write. We’re recruiting people with an urge to voice their opinion about the game, a desire to plow through new information and elaborate on it all. We’re looking to expand our team of writers… [...]

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