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About Fleur Hartsuijker

Fleur is, and has always been a dreamer. Wanting to take off to other worlds, leaving this one behind. And more often than not her imagination takes her there. She loves reading sci-fi and fantasy and has always been a enormous Harry Potter fan. Her alter ego Elterna has always be her videogame nickname (Pokémon is her guilty pleasure). She lives near Amsterdam in the Netherlands and currently teaches geography to high school students. Next year she aspires to go back to university to pursue a study in Earth Sciences, but for now No Man's Sky is the next big thing.

The Odessa Project

You might have heard about the Korvax. As you may know we are quite famous around this galaxy. We are a peaceful race that has dedicated its existence to science. We are against violence and condemn anyone who would hurt another being. We believe that with the power of technology we can create an utopia for [...]

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  • Science Fiction Book List

READ A BOOK: A list of eleven books to spark your inner science fiction and get you ready to go for No Man’s Sky

With the release date of No Man’s Sky coming ever closer, I thought it would be fun to go back to the roots of this game. The beautiful science fiction book covers that inspired creator Sean Murray and his team to create the beautiful art style we have come to love. But behind every beautiful [...]

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  • An hour with Sean Murray

Let’s sit down with Sean Murray, the man behind No Man’s Sky

For the last IGN First video this April, Sean Murray sat down with Ryan McCaffrey for an unfiltered interview that ended up being more than an hour long. A lot of interesting facts about our favorite bearded game developer were discussed. Watching this interview we really get to know Sean Murray as more than just [...]